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Hatty Falk MFHT

Complementary Therapies

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Qualified and Insured since 2006

Treatments are available in my treatment room in Montpelier, Bristol. Prices on a sliding scale depending on what you feel you can afford.

60 mins: £30 - £40 

90 mins: £40 - £50 

Also, Home Visits, Pamper/Hen Parties and On-site Office Bookings

(please contact for prices)

Combination treatments are also available

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Holistic/ Deep Tissue Massage

A full body massage, with essential oils, whose benefits include relaxation, the breakdown of adhesions in muscles and more... I have trained in Advanced Massage Techniques with various Massage and Osteopath Tutors. Courses included ‘Neck, Shoulder and Hip Release’ and ‘Lower Back Pain and Sciatica.Recent research by Fulvio D’Aquisto has revealed that after massage, white blood cells in the bloodstream increase by 70%, suggesting that massage is beneficial to the immune system.


Hot Stone Massage

Using 60 stones per treatment, it eases knotted muscles, is relaxing and a powerful detox. Can be up to 6 times more effective than regular massage.



Applying pressure to the Reflex Points on the feet, which are linked to the organs of the body, through the Meridian system used in Chinese Medicine. Helps relieve many conditions including stress, asthma, IBS and more… Reflexology is a fascinating way to access the entire body to help support our body’s natural healing process.


Indian Head Massage

Performed, either sitting or lying down, on the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back. This treatment helps relieve muscle tension and provides relaxation. Benefits include: muscle knots and tension relief; reduced stress and fatigue; relief from headaches and stimulation of lymphatic drainage (detox).


Reiki Jin-Kei-Do

From personal experience this has helped myself and others. I believe Reiki can be a gentle, yet powerful, tool to help with physical and emotional illness and problems. This Japanese therapy uses energy transfer. Reiki has been known to relieve many conditions. This treatment is fully clothed.

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About Me

I am a fully qualified therapist with certification from the Vocational Training for Complementary Therapists (VTCT) and am insured by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). I have been in practice since 2006. I have worked with a variety of clients and organisations including the NHS, Alzheimer’s society, cancer patients and people with mental health problems. I am passionate about Complementary Therapy; I am an experienced Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master. I believe the power of the human touch can be a wonderful aid to healing.

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“Hatty treated me with a wonderful hot stone massage. She picked the essential oils which are right for me. It was enchanting, relaxing and dreamy. The heat gives this treatment a 3D quality. Hatty is great company and a well-educated therapist.”

Sally Rodrigues 
Complementary therapist and Paralympic medallist

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“Reflexology with Hatty has helped me destress because looking after someone with mental illness can be quite demanding. As a carer you do get your down periods and you can’t respond instantly to things. You’ve got to take yourself out of the situation and try to relax. I’ve found that once I’ve had reflexology, it’s a benefit for me. It makes me calmer, more relaxed and helps me deal with things when the pressure comes back. I come every 6 weeks and It’s worth every penny."

Regular client

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My Personal Journey and Training

Even though he had no formal training, my father had a natural therapeutic  touch. If I had a headache, he would place his hand on my forehead to make me feel better. In 1992, I sought complementary therapy to help with my son’s illness; the results were amazing. This intrigued me and began my passion for complementary therapy. Over the next few years I lived on a small farm in Ireland and used complementary therapy to help my family and animals. 

After returning to the UK, I suffered a long-term womb infection and related emotional problems. Having exhausted all conventional paths, I found a Reiki Master. The Reiki treatment was very powerful. I left a changed person; I felt calm, positive and much better. Within the next few days, my infection had cleared. This was a big turning point in my life. Soon afterwards I began learning the art of Reiki and so began my journey as a practitioner.

I initially qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and then Reflexology, Holistic Massage and Indian Head Massage. I have since furthered my training in Advanced Massage Techniques and Deep Tissue Massage with various Massage and Osteopath Tutors; courses included the treatment of Neck, Shoulder, Upper and Lower Back Pain, Hipsand Sciatica. I have also qualified in Hot Stone Massage and as a Reiki Master.

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Holistic Massage, VTCT diploma Level 3, Bristol City College

Indian Head Massage, VTCT diploma Level 3, Bristol City College

Reflexology (Advanced Techniques), VTCT diploma Level 3, Bristol City College

Advanced Massage, Understanding and Treating Lower Back Pain and Sciatica (FHT Accredited)

Advanced Massage, Freeing the Shoulders (FHT Accredited)

Advanced Massage, Understanding and Treating Neck Pain (FHT Accredited)

Advanced Massage, Hot Stone (FHT Accredited

Reiki Jin-Kei Do Master (International Association of Reiki Jin-Kei Do)

Counselling, Level 3 diploma, Bristol City College

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Lower Cheltenham Pl, Montpelier, Bristol BS6, UK (free parking)

07505 841564

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